Making a Mini Quilt part 1

Posted by Artquilts on May - 28 - 2015

This is my process for making a landscape quilt.  When I need a break or I’m looking for inspiration I’ll make what I call mini quilts.  The finished size ends up being 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches, I add a ribbon and turn it into a door fobs.

I start with a piece of muslin 5 by 7 inches.  To me, having that framework to work within helps me with the design.  I start with a blank piece of fabric when working on my larger quilts too.  The other reason to use a piece of muslin is because it gives the fusible web something to adhere to.


5 x 7 inch of muslin




Sky Fabrics

Sky Fabric choices

I start a the top with the sky.  This picture shows some of the fabrics I considered for the sky.  I use Wonder Under Fusible Web (805) to fuse the fabric to the back ground.  Wonder Under comes with a paper backing.  I cut about a 6 inch wide piece of the Wonder Under and cut that down to approximately the size I need for the piece of fabric I want to fuse.  Take the paper off and place the fusible on the back side of the fabric. Iron using a Teflon pressing sheet to protect your iron. It’s a good idea to have the Teflon sheet under your fabric too, so I have one that’s big enough to fold over the fabric.




Garden Fabric

Garden Fabric


My plan was to make a garden scene using the figure in the fabric as the focal point. One reason I like doing the mini quilts is it gives me a place to explore a design that I might like to use in a larger quilt.







Here I have the fabric laid out.  This is when I change things around.  I may leave  a design pinned on my design wall for days to see if I like it. Another trick is to look at the design through the wrong end of a spotting scope or take a picture with your digital camera or phone.

Fabric Layout

Fabric Layout

Look for the next step in my next post.



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