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Bike Race Breck Quilt

Posted by Artquilts on July - 25 - 2015

I thought you might find it interesting to see how I design an art quilt. I use ridged insulation board covered with white flannel fabric as my design wall.  This works great because I can stick the fabric on the wall with a pin and later iron it in place.  [ Read More ]

Making Stamps

Posted by Artquilts on June - 20 - 2015

There are a lot of choices in commercial stamps (I have purchased many), but I’m finding it more fun to make my own for printing on fabric. The book, Carve Stamp Play by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is very helpful. I use ECO Printing Plates for my rubber block and linoleum  [ Read More ]

Making a Mini Quilt part 2

Posted by Artquilts on June - 2 - 2015

This is a continuation of how I make landscape quilts. The fabric has been cut to the 5 by 7 inch size and fused. I machine quit with invisible thread around all the raw edges.  My layers are the design on top, the piece of muslin and low loft cotton  [ Read More ]

Making a Mini Quilt part 1

Posted by Artquilts on May - 28 - 2015

This is my process for making a landscape quilt.  When I need a break or I’m looking for inspiration I’ll make what I call mini quilts.  The finished size ends up being 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches, I add a ribbon and turn it into a door fobs. I start  [ Read More ]

More Fun Foam Stamps

Posted by Artquilts on March - 21 - 2015

These pictures show the technique I used for making the stamps. First using a drawing as my guide I drew out the house on the foam sheet using a ball point pen and craft knife. Notice how the ball point pen makes the design. I paint the stamp using a  [ Read More ]

Stamping using fun foam

Posted by Artquilts on November - 14 - 2014

This quilt was made with stamps I made myself.  This is an inexpensive technique that is a lot of fun.  In fact the stamp material is the thin “fun foam” that you find in the kids craft section at the store.  You can draw on it with a ball point  [ Read More ]